Community Standards

We strive hard to make our Platform an open and safe environment for everyone while balancing between the safety and interests of our diverse community. To demonstrate that, we’ve developed these Community Standards in order to outline our ground rules to keep our Platform safe and fun. We trust you to be responsible and respect these Community Standards.


All capitalized terms used in these Community Standards shall have the meaning ascribed to such terms in our Terms and/or in our Privacy Policy. When using the Platform in any manner (for example by visiting the Website, downloading the Application, or contributing content to the Platform), you agree to these Community Standards, to our Terms and to our Privacy Policy.


Our Community Standards apply to any content you create, publish, upload, post or display on our Platform (including User Content), as well as to your behavior on our Platform. Please note that the ground rules outlined below are not an exhaustive list, but rather key examples of unacceptable content and behaviors on our Platform.


Any breach of the terms of our Community Standards shall be considered as a violation of our Terms. We may take action against any person who we suspect of violating or abusing our Community Standards, by blocking access to our Platform, at our sole discretion, at any time and without notice. In addition, in some cases we may also initiate legal actions or contact law enforcement agencies, in our sole discretion.


In addition, we may remove any User Content which violates our Community Standards and/or block any User who has uploaded such User Content. To learn more please visit the Reporting Abuse Policy section in our Terms.


You agree that you shall not engage in, or encourage or assist others (including third parties that may operate on your behalf) to engage in any behavior which falls within any of the following categories, as we may determine under its sole and exclusive discretion:


  • Violence and Hate Speech

We do not tolerate any behavior or content that credibly advocates or condones violence, bigotry or hatred, or that puts other people in harm, or can reasonably be expected to harm. This includes defamation, bullying, intimidation, threatening, stalking or harassment, or submitting content that is intended to incite discrimination or hatred against other persons or groups (“Hate speech”), based on any characteristic (for example ethnic origin, religion, nationality, disabilities, race, gender identity or sexual orientation).

  • Disturbing or offensive content

Please be mindful to other Users’ feelings. You may not submit content which is excessively graphic, obscene or vulgar (for example depictions of gratuitous violence), or any content that is primarily intended to be disturbing, disrespectful or shocking.

  • Sexually explicit content

You may not post sexually explicit or pornographic content, in particular depictions of child exploitation.

  • Illegal content

Be sure to respect the laws and other persons’ rights. You must avoid unlawful behaviors or content that incites or encourages unlawful activities (“laws” or “unlawful” in the meaning of local, state, national or international law or regulations). This includes promoting the sale or consumption of illegal, dangerous or unsafe products, or engaging in any other unlawful activities.

  • Infringing other persons’ rights

Please respect other persons’ rights. For example, avoid invading other persons’ privacy rights (for example, by collecting or revealing their Personal Information, in particular any information which is of sensitive nature, for example religious beliefs or political leanings or publicity rights. Please note that by submitting, uploading, modifying or contributing any content on our Platform you hereby expressly represent that you have all necessary permissions, rights and waivers to do so as further outlined in our Terms.

You may not collect other persons’ content or information, or engage in any activity or solicitation designated to procure other persons’ confidential or Personal Information, or Users’ log-in credentials on our Platform.

  • Scams, impersonation or deceptive behavior

Do not pretend you are someone else or imply relationship or affiliation with other persons or organizations when it is not the case (for example, do not imply that you are endorsed or affiliated with us without our prior permission or create a false identity or impersonate another person). Do not post any inaccurate, incomplete or deceptive content (for example, intentionally submitting inaccurate translations, misleading titles or description, or intentionally deleting others’ User Content), or repetitive or irrelevant content (for example, Spam or repetitive comments), or engage in any unlawful multi-level marketing or any other activity that is deceptive, false or fraudulent (for example, designed or intended to obtain password, account, or private information from any other Users).

You may not engage in any behavior which inappropriately influences, manipulates or otherwise interferes with the proper working of the Platform or any of its functionalities (for example, casting multiple votes in a poll or manipulating the ranking mechanism).

  • Intellectual property

We are committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others, and ask our Users to act the same. You may not submit content or engage in any behavior which may infringe or misappropriate the intellectual property rights of others (including copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights). Before posting or contributing content, ensure that you have all the necessary rights to do so. Please note that by uploading, modifying, altering or contributing any content on our Platform you expressly represent that you have all necessary intellectual property rights to do so, as further outlined in our Terms. You can learn more on additional copyrights issues in our Copyright Policy.

  • Safety

Do not submit or introduce any security vulnerabilities or otherwise harm, limit or degrade the performance of other persons’ devices, software, hardware, equipment or data. This includes distributing malware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other malicious software or scripts, or engaging in any activity that could disable, circumvent, overburden, interrupt, interfere with, limit or impair the proper working, security measures, features or appearance of our Platform, or otherwise access our Platform using automated means (for example by crawlers, bots, robots, spiders, scrapers, caching or otherwise) except as may be the result of standard search engine protocols or technologies used by a search engine with our express consent.